Elementary School

Every Minute Counts at Voyager Elementary

every minute countsOur staff works hard every day to ensure students are learning the critical skills, strategies and information that will help them make adequate progress. When students miss school, they miss out on more than just worksheets and basic memorization of facts.

Learning is a progressive activity; each day's lessons build upon those of the previous day(s). We are helping students to develop creative problem solving skills and work collaboratively to find solutions to complex issues. Sharing their ideas and hearing other students' thoughts helps nurture critical thinking strategies and oral language skills.

The more school students miss, the more likely they will want to stay home due to feelings of being behind and not belonging in the classroom community.

Regular school attendance patterns encourage the development of other responsible patterns of behavior and having a good education will help to give your child the best possible start in life.

If you need assistance with your child’s attendance, please call so we can work as a team to ensure that every child is learning every day at Voyager Elementary.

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